Who We Are

Our non-profit organization is dedicated to preserving the environment in South Florida by addressing the problem of invasive green iguanas. These animals can be disruptive to native wildlife, infrastructure, and public lands, which is why we take a humane approach to capturing, removing, and euthanizing them.

How We Operate

We believe in maintaining a clear and transparent view of our operations, protocols, and procedures. As such, all volunteers and members are required to undergo training and education before they can participate in our activities. Below are the guidelines and responsibilities that every member is expected to follow.


By following these guidelines and fulfilling their responsibilities, members can help us achieve our mission of protecting the environment from invasive iguanas while ensuring that all actions are carried out in a safe, ethical, and legal manner.

Join the Team

We believe that it is important to protect our natural resources and ecosystems, and we are committed to doing so in a way that is respectful of all living creatures. If you share our passion for the environment and want to make a difference, we encourage you to get involved and join us in our mission to preserve the beauty and integrity of South Florida's landscapes.